In a webinar for LogiPharma, Jamie Pearce, VP and General Manager in Temp at Merck and Patrick Pichler, Director, Head of Global Distribution Quality, Merck Healthcare KGaA/EMD Serono, talked about how they are dramatically improving efficiency across their cold chain operations.

Merck is responsible for the quality distribution and temperature monitoring of pharmaceuticals. In the past, the company used USB loggers – it was a manual process, which was error prone, so they faced issues with suppliers and customers. Now they have a new way of temperature monitoring, where they integrate ITC with the ERP system for automated error free programming. The InTemp technology, developed and manufactured by Onset, is unique as a cloud based technology, because it uses internet connected gateways which are fully connected with the cloud platform. It has been developed to match the needs that cold chain customers have and the increased demand for cold chain visibility and automation for both storage and transportation applications. Bluetooth data loggers are used in combination with the InTemp app and mobile gateways. Shipping loggers can be placed inside packaging, which connect to gateways and the cloud. The loggers can also be used for air freight (they are safe to use on planes) and sea freight – single use loggers last for 3 months and have plenty of memory for a typical 15 min transaction.

InTemp has reduced manual work for Merck and given them increased visibility on shipments. There are automated notifications when a shipment arrives in the warehouse, putting pharma companies in the driver’s seat, as well as automated KPI availability. Merck are mainly using 3PLs for warehousing, so through this software they are notified before the warehouse manager even knows the stock has arrived, which massively improves efficiency. There is an on-time KPI view and data is stored in the database with 24/7 accessibility for businesses around the world. This software is currently being used in 12 sites and distribution centres, with 110 direct customers and 320 individual users.

Author: Julia Swales

Source: Ti Insight

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