5G is the next big leap in mobile data communications. G stands for ‘Generation’, or the specific evolutionary stage of the technology’s development. The evolution in data speeds has been characterised by the terms 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G. Users of mobile devices have relied on the network providers to deliver reliable connectivity almost anywhere and, at the same time, improve the speed at which data can be sent and received.

These increases in speed have also resulted in a constant improvement in capability.

As the technology has improved, the speed of data transfer has increased dramatically. These are realistic average speeds and although the theoretical maximum speeds are much higher, other variable factors (no. of users, range to base station, etc.) can often prevent the maximum speeds being achieved.

The practical impact has been an explosion in the global usage of mobile devices, something we have previously commented on. This has also extended the reach and capability of technology platforms for businesses and obviously consumers.