Although supply chain risk is now firmly on the corporate agenda after a series of catastrophic natural disasters, it is not the only threat that executives and politicians are coming to terms with. Criminals, terrorists, security agencies and so-called hactivists are increasingly targeting the information and communications technology (ICT) systems of large corporations and government agencies. The logistics and supply chain industry is finding itself increasingly in the line of fire. For many decades, logistics companies have invested most of their time and money into ensuring the integrity of their physical infrastructure and assets. Airlines and express operators have, for instance, been very mindful of the risks to their business of a terrorist infiltration of a bomb on board an aircraft or into a shipping container. Physical screening of consignments and the validation of shippers is commonplace. The major logistics companies also have huge security operations in place to prevent theft of shipments from their warehouses, the substitution of counterfeit goods or the use of their networks to move illegal drugs or firearms around the world.